Senior Portraits - What to Expect

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What to Expect – Seniors

High school senior portraits: Specific to me. my senior shoots are usually divided into two or more sessions and are located in and around the greater Lexington area.  Each session is about 2 hours with one to three outfit changes per session. Please plan one formal and two casual changes.

What to wear: Don’t stress! Wear what makes you feel GREAT. What you’re the most comfortable in will make the best photos. Also consider bringing an outfit that represents your sports team, cheer or extracurricular activity.

Ladies, as you know accessories go along way to making an outfit and your photo. Plan on having extra jewelry, scarves, hats, and bags with you. If it speaks to who you are, bring it along.  

NOTE:  When it comes to makeup for these portraits, please remember “less is more”.  Bring your make up bag along for touch-ups 

Guys, you are not off the hook here!  Bring your uniforms, jackets, boots, and hats.  Love that vehicle? We can include that!

Props: Again, if it says who you are and what you love please bring it along.  Props can be large or small. From the size of a truck to a treasured leather book. If you love it, bring it.  Examples - chairs, suitcases, sports equipment, musical instruments and the like. This is your session and it should reflect your personality! Most importantly, be yourself, be comfortable.

Fun:  We strive to make these sessions relaxing and memorable.  Plan to have a bit of fun!

Want to see those photos? Approximately two weeks after your last session, your photos will be available for viewing and selection in your private online gallery on my website. This is where you will get to view a slideshow of all your beautiful images, make your selections for signature processing, and see samples of all the products you can have your photos printed on.

What to expect: To make the whole process a bit easier I’ve answered the questions I get asked all the time, what you can expect before, during, and after your sessions.  

Before your session:  

1. When do I need to have my Senior Portrait turned in to the yearbook staff at school?  Some schools take a cap and gown Senior Portrait at school, so you don’t have to worry about the yearbook. In that case, many Seniors choose to have their own creative Senior Portraits taken by a professional photographer.  Other schools require you to personally turn in a digital file by a deadline.  If that’s the case, let me know, so I can help you.

2. What about location? From fields, barns, fences, and animals to modern buildings and downtown locations (or a combination) we will find the perfect spot for your shoot. Consider what you love and who you are because that will determine where we do your photos.  

If you don’t have a specific place in mind…no worries, I’ve got plenty of ideas.

3. When should I schedule my senior session? As early as possible. When the weather warms the schedule fills up. To avoid disappointment, make sure you get your session scheduled for your most convenient time.

4. How much will my senior pictures cost? Contact me for a private. personalized quote. My senior packages run from $100 to $600 or more. Please note that the session payment fee is due on the first day of your first session unless we have made prior arrangements.

5. What about prints and albums I might want? Prints and other products are not included in the session fee but are available for purchase through my website. I also do printing for a reduced cost with equal or better quality than commercial printers. You can find examples on my website.  If needed, a high-resolution digital image will be sent directly to your school free of charge.

6. What about digital images for social media? I will provide you, at no cost, a limited number of digital images with my logo you can use on social media and share with friends. 

During your session:

1. How long is a session? You can plan for 90 minutes per session which will give you approximately 60 minutes in front of the camera.

2. What will we do?   When we meet on location, we’ll talk a bit about some ideas you may have, some I have, and a few photography specific details.  My wife Kathy will be with us to help with posing and helping you look your best. Kathy will be watching carefully for details.

You may have a few jitters, but you’ll quickly learn that we are easy to get along with and will help you get comfortable. I’ll take a few test shots to be sure my camera settings are correct and then we’ll get started. You don’t need to be worried about what to do, how to smile, how to stand or how to pose – Kathy and I have it all covered!

3. Should I change outfits? YES, you should! Feel free to bring different clothing changes!  Before we start, we’ll talk about what clothing you brought because different clothing looks best in different settings. Some ideas:

4.  May I bring a friend? Sure!  Sometimes it helps to have someone there for support or to laugh with. I will be concentrating on YOUR Senior session, but your friend is welcome to come.  If you want a photo or two with a friend or a group of friends that’s fine too.  It’s always nice to have someone along on a shoot, but just warn him/her that I will probably put them to work!

5. Do I sign a model release? Yes, that’s YOU! Your chance to model. After we’re finished with the session, I’ll need you or your parents (if you are under 18) to fill out a short Model Release which allows me to use the photos from your senior session to promote my business. 

After your session:

1. How long until I see my photos?   Your images will be ready to view within 2 weeks of your last session unless it falls in an extremely busy time for me. However, I will have low-resolution, unedited, watermarked photos available on a private gallery for your review shortly after our last session.  I will post some of my favorites on my website and social media, primarily Facebook and Instagram. You can use those as well free of charge.

2. Are images posted to Facebook and Instagram copyrighted? Yes.  All images posted online whether it be social media or to my website are copyrighted unless specifically released to the public domain by the photographer.   

3. How do I book a senior portrait session? To book your session, either call me at 859-473-2107, email me at [email protected], or contact me through Facebook, Instagram or my website.




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