About Jon Chase the Photographer

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About Jon Chase, the Photographer

Why hire Jon Chase over another photographer even the ones you’ve known for many years, who live in your community and have kids going to school with your kids?

It’s simple really!  You want something different and unique that speaks to you, to your family, to that special person on that special moment.  You want the best and you want it to be different. These are not just clichés. They are the heart of my photography. My work celebrates the uniqueness that is you, that is your family, your children. Your experiences, your joys, sorrows, and milestones are all part of what make you & your family different  My job is to capture those differences in the pictures I take. My purpose and my passion is to capture the unique in you, your family, your children and your events.

Each and every one of us has a story to tell. Maybe yours includes the laughter that runs through your family, the deep connection you share with your loved ones, or your pride after overcoming a life-threatening disease or the cherished moments of pride you have when your children succeed. .Whatever your life’s story, it is completely your own. And it is the uniqueness of that story that I love to capture with my camera. It is my goal to bring the best out of every person and show just how gorgeous that inner beauty really is.

Though I’m always after a quality result, I also love the process of connecting with my clients, making them feel not only comfortable but like themselves. You won’t find stiff poses, fake smiles or the same locations used over and over. I strive to bring out the heart of who you are with my camera. I move beyond the surface of “smile” and stiff poses to create an atmosphere during which you and your loved ones can feel comfortable, relaxed and at home.

Before we decide to work together to create beautiful images, we need to decide if I’m the right photographer for you and if you’re the right client for me. Here’s a little insight into what I’m all about.

I have ideas.  I love clients with a “vision” of what they want and then let me run with it. Give me an idea, a feeling, a mood that you’re trying to create and then let me go. A substantial part of what you’re paying for is my experience, my creativity, and my ability to read  and interpret a scene. Trust me to do it!

I talk a lot to my clients.  My best work come from clients who are relaxed in front of the camera, talk with me during the shoot and respond to my verbal cues. Some I’ve photographed so often, they know what I need to take that perfect shot.  If all you want is “traditional” photographs with staged poses in over used locations, I am not the right photographer for you. My style is overwhelmingly candid, catching you, your family, your children as you and they are in real life.

I don’t discount rates. I will never shoot for a client who tries to negotiate my rate. My rates are based on the effort and time I put into my work.  If you do not place the same value on my work, please look elsewhere.

I don’t “snap a few quick pics” for anyone. That isn’t what I do. It isn’t fair to those who hire me because they value the time, work and effort I put into creating a meaningful product.

So please take a chance and call me for more information at 859-473-2107 or references if you want.  And please take the opportunity as many others have and enjoy the experience. You won’t regret it.  I wish each and everyone of you happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.


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