Slaughterhouse on Headquarters Road will ruin the rural lifestyle of Nicholas County, Kentucky

June 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Summary of Issues Raised at 6/11/21 Nicholas County Cattle Co. Public Hearing

1. We all agree that 50 new jobs are an admirable objective but slaughterhouse jobs are characterized by significant turnover, high incidence of accidents, and workers compensation claims plus the majority of positions are filled by transients. Is it realistic to think that Nicholas Countians will apply for and fill these jobs?

2. 50 residents in close proximity to the plant will be subject to odor, noise, increased truck traffic, and other negative aspects of this activity that will lower property values and deter potential future property buyers from moving to NC when they realize that these type of operations are possible due to no planning and zoning restrictions.  The people attending the meeting and raising this issue included lifelong county residents and others who have lived here 5-20 years.  Prior to buying the land did you do any due diligence on the potential impact to local residents and did you meet with any residents to discuss their possible concerns?

3. Using the 125 gallons per head process water requirement indicated in your business plan equates to 125,000 gals. per month water usage.  Since the average Nicholas County residence, monthly usage is 3,000 gals. this would equate to an additional 40 residences. The plan to drill wells to satisfy this demand is problematic due to the unstable limestone layer and water quality is poor.  Also, the Nicholas Co. Water District has not been contacted by the company and is constrained by infrastructure and supply issues.  How do you plan to resolve the process water supply issues?

Also, how do you plan to provide drinking water for the grazing cattle in the pipeline at the site to be slaughtered? One week's slaughter of 250 head equates to about 110,000 gallons of water or the equivalent of another 40 average Nicholas County water customers or a total equivalent of  75 residences per month. 

4. Wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal is an issue. Based on average slaughter yields about 3,500 tons of solid waste per month or 12-15 semi-truck loads need to be disposed of.  Also, lagoons have been mentioned for wastewater storage.  Do you have sufficient plans to effectively handle both of these in an environmentally safe and odor-free manner?

5. The proposed entrance located on Headquarters Road raises safety issues because it’s near a curve and the road is narrow.  Have you talked to the state about widening the road or adding a turning lane to overcome these concerns?

6. Normally when buying property for a project such as this, options are first taken contingent on certain conditions being met.  Why wasn’t that done in this case?

7. How has your operating plan changed after the site was reduced from the original plan for 1,000 acres to the current 400 acres?  Will this mean more cattle being shipped in by truck?  Normally how many cattle need to be on-site to satisfy a 250 head per week slaughter?

8. Normally a level ground, rectangular site is preferred for a project like this.  Your site is irregular shaped and very uneven.  Have you calculated additional site preparation and infrastructure costs and compromises to the layout that will negatively affect daily operations and profitability?



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