2022 Seniors & Parents

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Uniquely styled shoots for you!  I believe in the power of creating something unique for each client and this includes a location for your session. I have an ever-expanding list of exciting and unique locations from constantly scouting out our area. You should see my sketchbook of session ideas. I love scouting locations and putting together a shoot from there! Together we will discuss your interests, after-school activities, and dreams. Then we will choose locations and wardrobe to create that perfect session that we design together. One of the things I've always loved about my photography is incorporating scenes that compliments my clients. We're creating one-of-a-kind art so to me there is no limit to the location. Want a session with pops of color? Lots of horses?  Let's do them. Fields of flowers? Lots of snow? Yes & Yes!

My sessions are unique and the sky is the limit.


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