2021 Nicholas County High School Prom

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2021 Nicholas County High School Prom

The Nicholas County High School Prom is scheduled for May 15, 2021.   The expense (dress, shoes, flowers, hair, makeup, jewelry, the dinner, and the photographer) is an expense in almost every tax bracket! You want to make sure you or the photographer you hire captures your junior or senior at their very best and preserves some of those memories of them with their friends and dates.

Here are some tips to help you do that even if you are not hiring a professional photographer.

Find even light. This is going to be tricky for group photos because the space a group takes up is too much. If they photos at 4:30 before they go to dinner, the sun is just too high in the sky to get nice even light on their faces all at once. In that case, try to find a building tall enough to block the sun so the group is in the same light. If you can't, then turn their backs to the light so it's on their hair and not unevenly on their faces.

I will have off-camera flash to act as a fill light to even out shadows and enhance skin tones,

Variety of Shots. Be sure to get individual photos of them, not only with each of their close friends but by themselves, in closeups, three-quarters length, and full length so you get the train and shoes.

Turn-Around. If the back of her prom dress has detail, get a photo of her looking over her shoulder as you see in the top green one above.

Props. Think ahead and bring a prop. Last year, we were at a local arboretum with a Model A Ford to add to a Roaring 20’s themed prom. 

Candids. It shouldn't be hard to capture the emotion if your son or daughter is with their friends. Hopefully, they will be excited and laughing and so you need to keep that camera clicking.

Posing: Have you ever had someone take your picture and you just thought, "What do I do with my hands?" Find things to lean on, hold onto, or feature their wrist corsage, or bouquet. These were taken the day after prom so they no longer had those things.

Background It's not the most important thing, but it IS a thing! Look at the surroundings and try out different backgrounds.

2022 Senior Models: I am now accepting applications for my 2022 Senior models so if you are or you know a junior who might be interested, I have room for one more.  Please contact me for further information, an interview, and a short portrait session at no cost.



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